Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week

Since 2012, APAO® has organized its Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week in order to raise public awareness about eye care and eye health in the region. Additionally, the Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week is one way in which APAO® supports the World Health Organization’s VISION 2020 initiative.

Each Asia-Pacific Eye Care week features two distinct ophthalmic themes chosen by the APAO® Public Education Standing Committee and the APAO® Central Secretariat. Based on the selected themes, two of APAO®’s Subspecialty Member Societies help prepare educational materials for the Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week, which are freely available online and can be adapted as needed.

APAO® encourages all its member societies to participate in the Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week in a manner appropriate to their local institutions and people. The following activities are just a few examples of ways to take part:

  • Organize a screening event at a local institute/hospital
  • Give lectures to patient support groups or the general public
  • Appear on radio or TV shows to discuss eye diseases or answer questions
  • Contact newspapers to publish information about eye care and eye health

Over the years, the Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week has seen increased interest and participation. With the support of more and more individuals and organizations, APAO® hopes to extend the right to sight to everyone in the Asia-Pacific region.